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Farmstand Open Full Time for Summer:
Weekdays 11am-6pm

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Ollin Farms Presented at the United Nations in May


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Proudly providing Boulder County with Nutrient-Dense Produce since 2007



Our Ecological Farming Philosophy
Healthy Soils - Healthy Plants - Healthy Community

Ollin Farms believes in the principles of regenartive agriculture.  The goal of our family farm is to produce top quality farm products while continuing to increase the diversity and health of ecosystems around us. 

Whether it is feeding our family or supplying our community, our focus at Ollin Farms has always been to produce the most nutritious and flavorful produce possible. Our nutrient-dense farming model is founded on getting the right nutrients, in the right proportions into an active, living soil.  All of our produce is grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides- not even the organic approved ones. Ultimately, it is the soil that will determine the health of everything that grows out of it, including the farm and the community.

Community engagement and education is at the center of what we do.  Whether it's running youth classes and fieldtrips, or hosting farm dinners, or providing vegetables to local school districts, or collaborating with scientists to track ecosystem data on the farm, all of our work is focused on working together to help build a resilient food system within Boulder County.


Farmer's Footprint Interview with Kena and Mark


Full Farmers Footprint Arcticle Here:

The Story Behind Our Name:

Ollin is an Aztec word meaning constant motion or transformation.  We chose this name  because of our view the farm as a  living, changing organism.  No two days on the farm are ever the same and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products, services, and sustainability. 


The Aztec civilization was a model for sustainable agriculture.  Back when organic farming was the only option, the Aztecs found ways to efficiently farm difficult locations and were able to feed huge populations by developing clever distribution systems to quickly get food from the farmer to the consumer. 







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