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Youth Farming Classes with Kena


As we enter our 9th season providing youth education classes on the farm, we are excited to share our expanded class offerings and curriculum that provide a unique opportunity for kids to experience and learn sustainable agricultural practices first-hand.  These interactive science-based classes will teach kids about where their food comes and empower them to understand the role of soil, seeds, plants, animals, nutrients, and how everything fits into a healthy farm ecosystem. 



All sessions run Monday-Thursday from 9am-2pm


Session 1: June 6th to 9th  Spanish
Implementing Sustainable Practices
Suggested Ages: 6-8 Cost $265


Session 2: July 11th to 14th
Exploring Sustainable Agriculture
Suggested Ages 6-8  Cost $265


Session 3: July 18th – 21st
Exploring Sustainable Agriculture
Class Full


Session 4: July 25th – 28th
Implementing Sustainable Practices
Suggested Ages 9-11 Cost: $265


Session 5: Aug 1st – 4th
The Science of Sustainability
Suggested Ages 12-15 Cost $265


Session 6: Aug 8th – 11th  Spanish
Exploring Sustainable Agriculture
 Suggested Ages 6-8 Cost $265


Dowload Application Here

Youth Session with Parents
(ages 3 and up)

All session are $50 for one youth and parent combo

Week of May 31st to June 3rd


Session 1:  seeds, soil and planting
 Tue 31st and Thur 2nd    1 to 3pm
Session 2:  setting up the garden
Wed 1st and Fri 3rd    1 to 3pm



Week of June 27th to July 1st


Session 3:  Plants in the field
Mon 27th and Tue 28th    9 to 11 am


Session 4:  insects 
Wed 29th and Thur 30th    1 to 3 pm




Week of July 4th to July 8th


Session 5:  from seeds to veggies
Tue 5th and Thur 7th  1 to 3pm


Session 6:  Harvest Colors
 Wed 6th and Fri 8th    1 to 3pm

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Other Summer Classes
Taught by Kena
click on links to view flyers

Science classes in Spanish at Longmont Museum

Creative Station messy
Art in Spanish

Cooking classes through
 the City of Longmont
at Isaac Walton







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