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Youth Farming Classes with Kena

As our neighboring communities grow,  the chance for children to experience the rich farming history of this region becomes more difficult.  Ollin Farms is dedicated to preserving those traditions and providing youth the opportunity to experience farm life first hand.   In 2015, we are excited to be launching our eighth season of youth education classes on the farm. 




2015 Sessions

Srping Break Session:

April 6th to April 9th

From 9:00am to 2:00pm
Suggested Ages 5-11

Cost $225.00


Summer Sessions will be posted Soon!


Summer classes are offered both in Spanish and English. Classes in Spanish are an immersion style class that builds vocabularly for all levels of students, and are appropirate for students currently taking Spanish classes or those with no prior experience with the Spanish language.

Activites for the spring session include planting in the spring gardens, caring for the sheep and chickens, crafts, games, and activities around healthy eating building teamwork on the farm.

Spring Beak Regestration From (PDF)



Frequently Asked Questions:


Are the classes the same from year to year?
We have kids that have been returning every summer; we change some things or introduce new subjects each year. Just like the farm, the farm classes are always adapting, and each year we add new themes and activities.

What do kids need to bring?

Sun block, water container,  extra clothes, tennis shoes, lunch and a snack for the first three days (full-day groups only). 

What if my kid(s) don't fit the suggested ages?
We suggest ages based on our experience with the activities involved and the goal to get all the kids working together. That being said, just like the farm itself, these classes build teamwork between different ages and skill levels.

Here's a video courtesy of the Eyes on Longmont film crew that highlights the youth education program at Ollin:










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