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Orchard Installation

Berry Installation

Preliminary results available to public




The Boulder County Fruit Project is a pilot scale on-farm trial evaluating fruit varieties and growing techniques suitable for fruit production in Boulder County.  Ollin Farms, in partnership with Boulder County Open Space and CSU Extension, have developed a multi-year plan for evaluating a wide variety of fruit trees and berries.  The goal of the project is to give home gardeners and commercial growers the tools they need to increase fruit production in Boulder County.  This is a community based project focused on public participation and increasing local food production in Boulder County.  The Fruit Project will be located at Ollin's new Open Space Demonstration Parcel, along the LOBO  trail.



Details of the 2012 Orchard

63 Apple Trees (17 varieties on 5 types of dwarf root stock)

10 pear Trees (4 varieties on semi-dwarf root stock)

12 Peach Trees (4 varieties)

24 Cherry Trees (4 sweet varieties)

6 Plum Trees (4varieties)

Preliminary Plans for the 2013 Berry Patch
Blueberries (12 varieties)










2012 Ollin Farms