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Farm Dinners
Building community,  One Meal at a Time

Ollin Farms, in partnership with Chef Dale Lamb, host a series of farm dinners throughout the summer.  Serving up a four course meal of delicious vegetables and locally sourced meats, enjoyed next to the beautiful Ollin Farms' gardens!

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Ollin Farms offers a variety of youth summer camps in order to educate future generation of gardeners and healthy eaters.  With a focus on nutrition, sustainable farming techniques, and summer days having fun on the farm!

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Ollin Farms is a Family Farm located at:

8627 North 95th St. in Longmont
(1/4 mile south of 119 & Hover)

Fresh, nutrient dense produce,
 directly from the farm!

Our Farmstand is open Daily 10am-6pm
May through October



Healthy Soils
Healthy Plants
Healthy Consumers


Beyond Organic.

What’s next for
sustainable agriculture?



Organic Farming has effectively given consumers an option for obtaining food that is free of harmful chemicals, produced in a more sustainable way.  However, with increased understanding of nutrient flow through the soil food web, it is becoming apparent that our current farming models, even organic, are not living up to the full potential of plant nutrition.

-The Next Step-

Nutrient Dense Farming aims to create a highly functioning soil ecosystem in which the crops that are harvested have a measurably greater quantity of a broad spectrum of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants than either conventional or many certified organic crops. Bottom line is that healthier soils, equal healthier crops, equal a healthier you!


Nutrient Density at Ollin Farms

Whether it is feeding our family or supplying our customers, the focus at Ollin Farms has always been to produce nutritious, flavorful vegetables.  Through our experiences on our farm and networking with ecologically minded farms around the country we have come to adopt the biological nutrient-dense farming model as our pathway to producing the highest quality farm products. 

 The biological nutrient-dense model is founded on getting the right nutrients, in the right proportions into an active, living soil.  Ollin Farms accomplishes this through selective composting, natural soil amendments, compost teas, and managing the soil to increase biological activity. Where modern agriculture tells us to feed the plant, the biological nutrient-dense model tells us to feed the soil. 

Ultimately it is the soil that will determine the health of everything that grows out of it, including the farm and the community.


“Mr, and Mrs. Consumer we have the technology to grow more nutritious, better tasting, more bountiful food crops without toxic poisons polluting our foods and environment.  It is being done and is expanding as farmers learn the technology and consumers demand the better food and fiber products.

We the consumer are the key to the change.  We must be informed and we must demand better foods, more nutritious food.  We must reject the GMO ‘franken-foods’ and know why.  Life starts in the soil and as farmers learn real soil science they will find solutions to their disease, insect, weed production and economic problems.  We the consumers will find better food and better health along with a cleaner environment.  It all works together.  It all either dies together or lives together.

I believe that we must stand up for biological agriculture, for the detoxification and nutrification of our soils and foods.  I believe that we must stand up for good medicine, for the detoxification and nutrification of our bodies, minds, and spirits”

-Dr. Arden Anderson
From Real Medicine, Real Healthealth