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Beyond Food Production

Ollin Farms believes the role of the family farm goes beyond providing access to healthy food, the farm is also an essential part in building community.  As the local food movement continues to grow, many of the same ideals that has led this grass-roots effort are branching out and being applied to promote health, education, and justice within our own communities.  Here's a look at some of the great organizations we partnered with in the 2011 season:



 Here's some pictures and videos of some of our favorite community projects from 2010.


High School Internship Program, as featured on 9 News:




Ollin Farms is organizing a Volunteer Program for 2011.  If you are interested in getting your hands dirty and connecting to your food system, email us and we will put you on the list for updates and work dates.



Experience Sharing with African Farmers


Ollin Farms was proud to host a group of women researching sustainable local food production techniques to implement in their home countries of Africa.  The program was sponsored by Cochran Fellowship in collaboration with CSU Extension.  While we were happy to share our experiences in farming, it was truly inspirational to learn of the challenges, achievements, and visions of these extraordinary women.


Hosting the the USDA Deputy Secretary

Kathleen Merrigan visited the farm this fall to announce the funding for educational programs to build the next generation of American famers.  Boulder County was selected for the announcement because Beginning Farmer Classes have been in place here since 2007,  Ollin Farms was a graduate of that inaugural class.  It was an honor to host the Deputy Secretary, whose programs include the "Know your Food, Know your Farmer" campaign.




Sponsoring an alter at the Dia De Muertos celebration
 at the Longmont Museum


Kena was excited to participate with the Longmont Museum in helping plan the 10th anniversary of the Dia De Muertos exhibit.  Ollin Farms sponsored one of the community alters and enjoyed participating in such a beautiful celebration, honoring our loved ones through a celebration of their spirits. 










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