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Food Inc.

The movie that got America talking about their food.  A must see for every eater.




Dirt! The Movie

A closer look at one of our most under-appreciated resources.  Also, a good introduction to the soil food web and the importance of topsoil in the sustainability of life.




  The Real Dirt on Farmer John

Our favorite movie about farming and the struggles of saving the American family farm.  Also affirms that all farmers are at least a little bit nuts.



How To Save the World: One Man, One Cow, One Planet

One man's mission to spread biodynamic farming throughout India. 


Fast Food Nation

A fictional story dealing with very real issues.  From tainted beef to immigration, Richard Linklater's portrayal of the fast food industry sheds light on a very shady business.




The Future of Food

An interesting look at the role genetics plays in our food system.  Not the most entertaining documentary, but filled with important information.



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