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Spanish  with 5 Senses

Fun, Interactive Spanish Classes



Want to learn and have fun at the same time, then you've come to the right place!

Ana Guttridge (Kena) has been teaching in the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain school districts for the past seven years.  Along with her private tutoring, she spends the school year teaching through Elementary Spanish Program.  She is a member of the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers (CCFLT). Her fun, hands on approach to teaching has proven successful whether it is for pre-schoolers first getting introduced to the Spanish language, or in an advanced reading and writing class. 



2011 Spanish Class Schedule

Session 3:
Farming in Spanish
June 27th-June30th
Time 10am-3pm
Suggested Ages
Class Size: 12 Students

Cost $200

New: Session 4:
Farming in Spanish
June 20th - 23rd
Time: 10am-3pm
Suggested Ages
Class Size: 12 Students

Cost $200



Farming Classes in Spanish: Similar to our farming summer classes, but all in Spanish, camp participants will connect with the natural systems of the farm while building Spanish vocabulary.


Download Registration Here (PDF)





Frequently asked Questions

Do you speak Spanish all the time?

Yes, in all my Spanish classes (preschoolers’ and older  ),  and in the summer camps,  I just speak Spanish. Of course when it is necessary, I speak English.

My kid does not speak any Spanish?  My daughter is in her 3rd year of Spanish? Is this an advance class?

 The classes are a good way to introduce kids to the Spanish speaking world. For the kids that already had been taking Spanish classes it is the perfect way to continue learning, and to develop new vocabulary, it gives the kids a chance for listening to the pronunciation and learning directly from a native speaker.


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