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Ollin Farms and the City of Longmont Present:

Educational Talks and Community
 Discussions with Ollin Farms and Guests

September 12th

The local movement; benefits and challenges of building local economies

This talk will provide an overview of the importance of building strong local economies starting with the surging local food movement that is reconnecting communities, creating jobs, and carving a path to a more sustainable future for Boulder County.  The talk will also explore some of the challenges to the local movement, from regulations to availability of investment capital.

Introduction By Kena Guttridge and Chef Dale Lamb


Special Guest Speaker: Michael Brownlee


Discussion to follow, snacks provided by Ollin Farms and Chef Dale Lamb


September 26th

Know your food know your farmer; seasonal eating in Boulder County

This talk will explore where our food comes from, from seed to fork, focusing on how to access seasonal food year round in Boulder County.  The talk will explore the health benefits of eating a local seasonal diet and talk about what you can grow on your own and where to connect with local farmers.


October 10th

Planning your home garden, soil preparation and planting schedules

A successful 2014 garden starts with proper planning in the fall.  This talk will cover how to prepare your garden for winter, when to apply soil amendments, and how to put together a planting schedule that will keep your dinner table filled all through summer.


October 24th

The healthy soil, building and measuring the nutritional foundation

The health of a community is dependent on the health of its soil.  This class will explore the principles of the biological nutrient dense movement through case studies from Boulder County and will look at the links between soil, plant, and human health.  The talk will also discuss ways that consumers can track the nutrient density of their food.


Nov 7th

Food labels, the meaning and significance behind them

GMO, Organic, All Natural, Free Range, Vegan, Gluten Free, Probiotic, Fair Trade…. our super markets are filled with food labels.  This talk will explore what they all mean, which ones are important, and how they relate to the local food movement




Thursdays 6:30 to 8:00

At the Historic Sandstone Ranch House
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